Frequently asked questions

  • What is the adoption fee?
    This covers our core costs. We transport most of our rescues from interstate, then we need to desex, vaccinate, worm and flea and any other treatment that may be needed. There is also the cost of feeding and all the time that goes into finding new homes for them. The pricing structure is standard across the board. And unlike some rescues, we do not get enough in donations to cover any costs, so our fee is what allows us to keep the rescue going. The range is between $500 - $900
  • Why don’t you re home same gender together?
    It is purely from experience. We have seen time and time again the bad side of it, and where so many of our surrenders come from. We do everything possible not to set up our dogs to fail.
  • Why don’t you place dogs with cats?
    There are very few Staffords that get along with cats, unless they have been raised with them. As most of our rescues are from pounds, we know very little of their history. We do not have cats, therefore cannot test.
  • Do you offer a trial period?
    Yes. 2 weeks. If in this time it is found the the dog is not a perfect match, once returned, we will refund your money minus a $25 administration fee. However, if you think a little longer will make a difference, we are happy to work with you.
  • Why don’t I get a response to my application?
    We only contact people we think will be a good match. Saying that, if you put an application in, we then have you “on our books” . We generally find a fit for everyone, but patience is your friend.
  • Why don’t you do interstate adoptions?
    Its because once a dog becomes an AOSR dog, we have its back for life. If anything ever goes wrong, interstate is too far to travel to go and get them. Plus these dogs generally have traveled from interstate. To put them back onto transport in totally unfair. Please look for dogs in your own state.

       This will be updated periodically to address the constant questions we are asked. Please remember we are volunteers that also         have to work and have families.

       We always make our decisions on “What is best for the dog”

       The A.O.S.R. TEAM


AOSR was started in 2009 by Mick Collins. His ethos is simple: "Its always about the dog".

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